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Keeping your ICT systems secure - this means securing yourself against disasters and accidents as well as malice 

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online backup ??
Posted by: Pierce_cruse (User rank: Newbie. IP Logged)
Date: Friday, 06-Nov-2009, 07:45:23

Yesterday my hard drive crashed. I had some backups on few cds but those were more than 8 month's old! I lost all my important official documents, programs, emails etc. I tried to recover the data from this dead hard drive but no success. My friend suggested me to go for online backup here onwards. Can anyone suggest cost effective and reliable online backup service? I am looking for a tried and tested service.

Re: online backup ??
Posted by: abamaison (User rank: Guru. IP Logged)
Date: Friday, 06-Nov-2009, 09:39:17

sorry to hear about your data loss.
There are some examples of back up providers in the knowledgebase article here: There has also been a discussion about online backup on UK Riders list and to quote one of the contributors
"...Yah, always read the small print "always take a backup before taking a backup" - or words to that effect..."
Online back up service providers suggested on the UK Riders list include Carbonite and Mozy both based in the US which might throw up some issues if you're based in the UK for instance if you ever need telephone support or need to back up confidential data that might be affected by the UK Data Protection Act.

As you've seen from your experience it's worth having more than one back up option and to back up regularly.

For a "belt and braces" solution, you could always consider backing up to an external hard disk as well. Large capacity disks are fairly cheap now and less hassle than backing up to CD / DVD.

Best of luck with your future data security


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Re: online backup ??
Posted by: scottpaul (User rank: Newbie. IP Logged)
Date: Saturday, 07-Nov-2009, 04:53:52

Go through for the list of online backup service provides. You will get top 10 online service provider on web. My personal preference holds to, since itís so simple to use and allows me to easily take my incremental backups which I can schedule weekly or daily. They also provide windows

mobile backup solution free with them. So this is an added advantage for me.

Re: online backup ??
Posted by: BrettDaren (User rank: Newbie. IP Logged)
Date: Monday, 03-Jun-2013, 14:28:16

Yes, this has happened with me number of times as my system crashed and i lost my data. But last year i have finally made my mind to secure my online data. I went through to the different online backup providers. Though initial was not that good. But after some time i had found the list of best online backup providers. I selected Live Drive. And now still using this service for last couple of months. In this duration my system crashed 3 to 4 times but i restored my data with in minutes, that is just great. I also found SOS Online Backup from that list and using its free plan of SOS Online Backup. It is also a very good online backup provider and have excellent support team. Choose any one from this list according to your need but these both are safe atleast from my point of view and experience.

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