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Search for "cloud" and "computing"

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Glossary: Cloud Computing

Glossary Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Cloud computing, or software as a service (SaaS), is when information technology (IT) software and services are delivered over the internet through a we

Cloud Computing 101

An introduction to cloud computing and its potential for non profit organisations

Is IT Really Greener In The Cloud?

A review of the ‘green’ arguments made by cloud computing

So You Think You Want To 'Move To The Cloud'?

How the cloud might - or might not - work for your technology systems

Cloud Computing - Data Protection And Other Legal ...

Your data at the mercy of the cloud - Feel the fear but do it anyway – (probably)

What Should Third Sector Organisations Be Thinking...

What to think about when considering cloud computing

Moving To The Cloud - A Case Study

One third sector organisation’s experience of considering a move to the cloud

Top Questions To Ask Your Prospective Cloud Provid...

Checks to make to ensure your prospective cloud service provider is fit for purpose

Greener Computing In Times Of Austerity

Is greener computing likely to suffer as financial austerity bites?

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